Thank you for visiting! This is a showcase for films I’ve made or worked on. Come along on the journey! What are the ideas and characters swirling around in your imagination? How can I help you tell those stories and make those ideas reality?

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My passion is to bring people together to make redemptive stories come alive. As a child, I used my vivid imagination to make the worlds, characters, and events of each book I read seem real. At age 13, I realized that filmmaking allowed me to share the stories I loved with other people.

I practiced storytelling through eight years of participation with The King’s Courts, a dance and theatre company. During that time, I worked for the company as administrative assistant (2013-14), choreographer (2012-14), and costume coordinator (2009-14). I also participated in table reads for original theatre scripts and facilitated a writers group.

Since 2013, I have worked on 20 short films, with seven of those credits as Producer and/or 1st Assistant Director. I have also directed three short films and was the Production Office Coordinator on the Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center’s Paper Football (2017).

Besides these shorts, I have experience in international documentary work, promotional pieces, and music videos. I graduated from the Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Center in 2018 with a minor in Business.

This world is brimming with wonderful stories waiting to be told. What are we waiting for?